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Market research needs to be carried out at a suitable location. The location should be centrally located and easily reachable both by car and by public transport. The location should consist of plenty of rooms for all types of market research. The location should also include all the necessary equipment.

This is what Inview Locatie BV does. We offer locations in several places in the Netherlands. All locations are fully furnished and decorated, and include all the necessary audio-visual equipment.

Our locations consist of research rooms for both quantitative and qualitative research, as well as viewing rooms. The viewing rooms allow you to watch the research being carried out through a one-way mirrow as well as via an LCD screen with a controllable camera.

At our locations we always have a host(ess) present to ensure that all goes well during the entire research process. We can also arrange a mediator, a minutes secretary or an interpreter. We can also take care of the catering and laptop or tablet rental. If necessary we can also carry out the respondent selection.

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